SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

The new SkyTrak+ brings major advancements in its core technology by adding a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software - to offer unmatched accuracy in its class. The radar addition brings club data to the forefront of the experience - giving SkyTrak users a vital data point for game improvement.

  • Dual Doppler Radar for club data measurement

  • Improved Photometric Camera System for more accuracy

  • More courses around the world to take you on dream trips from the comfort of your home or business

  • And more!


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SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor
SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor
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The New Skytrak+
Product Features

SkyTrak has long been the leader in at-home golf. The next evolution is a leap forward. The new SkyTrak+ brings major advancements in its core technology by adding a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software - to offer unmatched accuracy in its class. The radar addition brings club data to the forefront of the experience - giving SkyTrak users a vital data point for game improvement.

More big innovation comes in the new and improved SkyTrak ShotOptimizer and Shot Score functionality. You can now measure yourself against optimal shots and golfers of all skill levels pulled from our database of millions of golf shots.

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Data metrics
Skytrak+ Launch Monitor


New tech
Dual Doppler Radar for Club Data Measurement
The new Doppler RadarSystem delivers useful club data, including: Club Head Speed, Smash Factor,Club Path and Face Angle. Additionally, applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to that data delivers precision at a level matched only by the highest end launch monitors on the market.
New tech
Improved Photometric Camera System for More Accuracy
The improved camera system gives golfers highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data that can power a player’s practice and improvement.The camera system also provides for improved outdoor performance on mats. You can now work on your game at the range.
New tech
New and Improved Shot Optimizer Interface
The new and improved Shot Optimizer allows you to view and analyze all of your club and ball data vs. optimal launch conditions. Our red, yellow, and green scoring system lets you know how close your numbers are to the best players in the world. The new interface also houses informational tutorials from Golf Digest #22 teacher in the world, Nick Clearwater.
New tech
New Shot Scoring To Measure Your Progress
The SkyTrak Shot Optimizer feature allows you to determine the expected distance by hitting 20 shots with any club. This data measures subsequent shots and provides you with a Shot Score, which compares your performance against shots from other players of various skill levels. The Shot Score objectively measures your golfing ability and predicts your expected performance in an 18-hole round.
Trade in your old Launch Monitor for
                   something new
Trade in your old Launch Monitor for something new
Roughly 40% larger hitting area to give golfers more flexibility to capture a full range of shots
New on board processor for faster shot to show ability as well as easy and secure connectivity to a wide range of PC and mobile devices
Added 5Ghz Wi-Fi capabilities for faster and more stable connectivity
USB Type C Charging options for port stability and rapid charging
No special balls needed
No stickers on clubs needed
Trade up to a new skytrak+


  • Is SkyTrak+ Accurate?

    The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor is extremely accurate and provides a realistic depiction of actual ball flight within close proximity to other leading launch monitors and real world results. SkyTrak has performed robot testing at Golf Laboratories, the golf industry’s #1 independent testing facility. Using a variety of shot types, ball speeds, and golf clubs, the measured results were virtually indistinguishable from the leading commercial launch monitors in the industry across the 5 most important parameters – ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin/spin axis, and side angle.

    Unlike some professional-grade launch monitors, SkyTrak’s ball flight simulations are not affected by atmospheric conditions like wind, humidity, etc. (unless you turn these on in the session settings). With the addition of doppler radar to the SkyTrak+ to combine with the improved high-speed photometric camera system, you can trust the accuracy of this launch monitor both indoors and outdoors.

    What Data Does SkyTrak+ Provide?
    • Carry Distance
    • Total Distance
    • Clubhead Speed
    • Ball Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Club Path
    • Club Face Angle
    • Face to Target
    • Back Spin Rate
    • Side Spin Rate
    • Spin Axis
    • Spin Loft
    • Horizontal Launch Angle
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Lateral Landing
    • Roll Distance
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Shot Shape
    • Descent Angle
    • Shot Score
    What Golf Simulation Software Programs Are Compatible With SkyTrak+?

    In addition to the practice and game improvement system within the SkyTrak app, SkyTrak is partnered with some of the leading golf simulation developers in the industry to provide you with a realistic golf simulation experience.

    SkyTrak+ is compatible with the following Golf Simulation Software Programs:

    • The Golf Club
    • E6 Connect
    • World Golf Tour
    Does SkyTrak+ Work Without A Subscription?

    Yes, you can use the basic driving range functionality with your SkyTrak+ without a subscription! The Game Improvement features within the SkyTrak app such as Bag Mapping, Skills Assessments, Closest to the Pin Contests, etc. do require a yearly membership with the Game Improvement Software.

    *You must have an active Game Improvement Software Subscription in order to play golf courses using 3rd party software.

    How Much Space Do I Need?

    This launch monitor requires Enough Space to Swing Your Club in order for the data to collect properly. Please be sure to swing a club in your desired space to ensure that you are comfortable and safe making a golf swing in that area.

    Can This Unit Be Used Indoors And Outdoors?

    This unit can be used both indoors and outdoors. Please note for the full suite of features; you would need to be connected to the internet.

    What Devices Are Compatible With This Product?

    This product is compatible with PC, iOS, Andorid devices. However, be sure to also match the your device needs to the software option that you intend to use with this product.

    How Do I Measure My Space?

    In order to fit a SkyTrak Golf Simulator Studio in your home you will need a space that is at least 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 9 feet tall(space requirements are variable based on player - must be able to comfortably swing a golf club in the space).

    Quick Start Guide

    You can find the Quick Start Guide HERE

    Safety and Product Information Guides

    Safety and Product Information Guide HERE