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    Elevate your short game with the Ultimate Short Game Tool Kit. This all-in-one short game package includes eight essential tools designed to enhance key aspects of your short game. These tools help with distance control, start line, shoulder alignment, and path. The kit features a premium black protective case and includes:


    • The GOLFTEC Steel Putting Mirror
    • Start Line String
    • Path Perfectors
    • All Terrain Gate
    • Ghost Holes
    • Cup Reducer
    • Putting Laser
    • Putting Chalk Pen
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    The GOLFTEC Steel Putting Mirror: the perfect addition to your short game training arsenal. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel, this double-sided mirror is built to last, ensuring picture-perfect clarity with no distortion. It includes a versatile ruler for stance and setup measurement, along with shoulder alignment capabilities. The mirror's slots allow you to create your own tee gates for comprehensive practice on various aspects of your putting game. Plus, it comes with adhesive silicone protection strips to safeguard your putter. Elevate your indoor or outdoor putting practice with this multifunctional tool, covering eye line, swing path, distance from the ball, and more. Perfect your putting technique and lower your scores with the GOLFTEC Steel Putting Mirror.

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    Eradicate the guesswork from aiming your putter with our Putting Laser. This device attaches to your putter and provides precise aim guidance. The Putting Laser is tailored for indoor use, ensuring optimal performance. Please note that it may not be as effective in direct outdoor sunlight. The package includes the Putting Laser, a convenient tripod, and a protective case for your laser. Enhance your game and sink more putts.

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    Introducing the GOLFTEC Cell Phone Tripod - your ultimate companion for enhancing your golf game! Designed with golfers in mind, this tripod is compact and conveniently fits into your golf bag, ensuring you're always ready to capture your swing.  With simple height adjustments, you can effortlessly position your smartphone at the perfect angle to capture your golf swing. Harnessing the power of video feedback, this tripod empowers you to review and analyze your performance with ease. 

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    Perfectly aim every shot and practice more effectively with the Tour Aim 2.0 Golf Alignment Training Aid.  This alignment tool helps improve full swings, chipping, and putting.  Additionally, front and back swing planes keep your club on the proper plane for improved ball striking.  The 2.0 adds three swing plane holes that span across all the clubs in the bag and an enhanced putting sight line.

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    The GOLFTEC Putting Kit provides a multitude of ways to train your putting. Improve your confidence on the greens by training to roll the ball on your intended start line and controlling your speed. Every pack comes with eight training aids:

    1. GOLFTEC branded putting mirror
    2. GOLFTEC branded 3” target circle
    3. MyRoll 2-Color Golf Ball 3-Pack
    4. Ball of steel
    5. Ball Liner
    6. GOLFTEC branded circuit trainer
    7. 2” putting gate
    8. 8” putting gate
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    Have you ever had the experience where after what you thought was a great hit, you look up and see the ball traveling towards a place you would rather it not go?  Me neither, but if that has happened to you, the Speed Trap by Eyeline Golf is the best tool to practice with.  Talk to your GOLFTEC coach on how best to set it up to correct your ball flight.

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