SkyTrak+ Play Now Golf Sim Studio
SkyTrak+ Play Now Golf Sim Studio

 The SkyTrak Play Now Golf Simulator Studios are set to revolutionize the way golfers Practice, Play and Compete. Now, SkyTrak customers can transform their spare rooms, garages and basements into their very own golf haven, with an easy to set up, turnkey solution at an unbeatable price.  


- SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio 10 (10'W x 8'6"H x 5'4"D)

- SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio 12 (12'W x 8'6"H x 5'4"D)

- SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio 13 (13'W x 10'H x 5'4"D)

- SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio 13 Deep (13'W x 10'H x 10'D)


Our team of experts is here to answer any questions! For personal consulting on launch monitors and golf simulator setups, contact the SkyTrak Sim Pros at 877-530-8667 or




ST Studio Options
Studio 10'
Studio 12'
Studio 13'
Studio 13' Deep
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The SkyTrak Golf Simulator Bay Enclosure comes with a 1-year domestic use warranty from manufacturing defect. The impact screen is a consumable that will wear out over time.  


To prolong the life of the impact screen, it is strongly recommended that owners only use clean, relatively new golf balls with no marker markings, cuts or scratches. Markings and scratches will significantly increase wear and reduce the lifespan of the screen. 


Owners MUST ATTACH the included Velcro border protection around the entire edge of the impact screen (left, right and top) prior to use. Failure to properly set up enclosure and screen and fully attach all parts before use voids the warranty.


All SkyTrak products have a 30-day return, from point of purchase, window on all undamaged and unused products with a 20% restocking fee. If returned items are being exchanged, then a restocking fee will apply in addition to the exchange price difference.


Please inspect your purchase when your package arrives. Product received damaged must be noted with the freight carrier at time of delivery or as soon as reasonably practicable. Contact us immediately no later than 24 hours from delivery to report any damage. We cannot accept responsibility for damage during shipment if it is not noted on the freight carrier’s delivery receipt. Damage must be noted at the time of delivery.


If a product covered under manufacturing warranty is defective or damaged, then a return for a replacement of the same product without the restocking fee is applicable.



Defect in materials
Defect in workmanship
Damaged or incomplete out of the box


Normal wear & tear
Pulled threads & snags in fabric
Accidental damage (e.g., the enclosure or screen is hit with anything other than a golf ball)
Product misuse and or improper setup
Cleaning related issues
Accessories sold separately (e.g., side net, hitting mats, ball trays, projector)


  • How Much Space Do I Need?

    This launch monitor requires Enough Space to Swing Your Club in order for the data to collect properly. Please be sure to swing a club in your desired space to ensure that you are comfortable and safe making a golf swing in that area.

    How Do I Measure My Space?

    In order to fit a SkyTrak Golf Simulator Studio in your home you will need a space that is at least 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 9 feet tall(space requirements are variable based on player - must be able to comfortably swing a golf club in the space).

    What Data Does SkyTrak+ Provide?
    • Carry Distance
    • Total Distance
    • Clubhead Speed
    • Ball Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Club Path
    • Club Face Angle
    • Face to Target
    • Back Spin Rate
    • Side Spin Rate
    • Spin Axis
    • Spin Loft
    • Horizontal Launch Angle
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Lateral Landing
    • Roll Distance
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Shot Shape
    • Descent Angle
    • Shot Score
    Is SkyTrak+ Accurate?

    The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor is extremely accurate and provides a realistic depiction of actual ball flight within close proximity to other leading launch monitors and real world results. SkyTrak has performed robot testing at Golf Laboratories, the golf industry’s #1 independent testing facility. Using a variety of shot types, ball speeds, and golf clubs, the measured results were virtually indistinguishable from the leading commercial launch monitors in the industry across the 5 most important parameters – ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin/spin axis, and side angle.

    Unlike some professional-grade launch monitors, SkyTrak’s ball flight simulations are not affected by atmospheric conditions like wind, humidity, etc. (unless you turn these on in the session settings). With the addition of doppler radar to the SkyTrak+ to combine with the improved high-speed photometric camera system, you can trust the accuracy of this launch monitor both indoors and outdoors.

    What Devices Are Compatible With This Product?

    This product is compatible with PC, iOS, Andorid devices. However, be sure to also match the your device needs to the software option that you intend to use with this product.