SkyTrak+ Backyard Simulator Setup
SkyTrak+ Backyard Simulator Setup

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor:

  • Precision Meets Progress: The SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor is a technological marvel, boasting a dual doppler radar system and an enhanced photometric camera, ensuring that every nuance of your swing is captured with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Club Data Mastery: With the new radar technology, gain insights into your club movement, helping you fine-tune your game with data-driven precision.
  • Global Golfing Adventures: Why limit yourself to local courses? The SkyTrak+ offers a passport to the world's elite golfing destinations, all from the comfort of your chosen space.

SkyTrak Golf Return Net:

  • Durability Defined: Engineered to endure, the SkyTrak Golf Return Net can handle ball speeds in excess of 230mph, promising longevity and resilience.
  • Adaptable Size: At 8.5ft by 8.5ft, it's the perfect fit for a variety of settings, from your spacious backyard to an intimate indoor area.
  • Effortless Experience: Set up in a mere 10 minutes and when the game is over, it stows away just as quickly, epitomizing convenience.

SkyTrak 5x5 Hitting Mat:

  • True Turf Sensation: The 32mm knitted nylon turf replicates the lush, responsive feel of a well-kept fairway, complete with a 3mm urethane layer and a 14mm foam base for stability and comfort.
  • Tee Off Authentically: Use real golf tees to simulate an authentic course experience, enhancing both practice sessions and leisurely play.

*Putting Turf 10' shown but not included

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions! For personal consulting on launch monitors and golf simulator setups, contact the SkyTrak Sim Pros at 877-530-8667 or

1 - Skytrak 5x5 Hitting Mat
1 - SkyTrak Golf Return Frame
1 - 24/7 Golf Return net
1 - SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor
SkyTrak+ Backyard Simulator Setup

SkyTrak+ Backyard Simulator Setup

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